Saturday, May 2, 2015

Farm Girl Friday!

Yippee! Farm Girl Friday! My childhood qualifies me as a farm girl. I've shoveled enough farm poop out of the barn as a kid to last a lifetime. Best part? I enjoyed it. Was I a bored child or something? I can think of PLENTY of things to do instead. I actually enjoyed it. Can't say that would happen now. Where is that child? Could she come over and scoop the kitty pan for me? She might find that fun. Maybe she could talk like a pirate and scoop for buried treasure. Fun? I think not.

Anyways, I have a few interesting "farm girl" stories from my past. I'll have to share a few of them later. Sometime in the future. Maybe. Some of them, well.....they are little too comical.

Time to change the subject I believe! Let's start off on the right foot with this new project, shall we?

Sewing machine cleaned and oiled - check

Needle changed - check (that doesn't happen often, it is just sooo.....time consuming. Sigh.)

Fabric ready - check

Delivery of stone - check. Wait, what in the world do I need that for?!? Oh, that's right. I remember.

One occupied husband (see above) check

Don't ask for your porch to be screened in. Somehow, it will end up being completely torn off and rebuilt and not screened in. You'll have concrete trucks and loads of stone. No screen. There better be a screen. Just saying.

Anyways, I love this apron strings block. It is just adorable. Speaking of aprons, I really should make one. They sell them in the store though. Ha! That would just be silly. Buy it ready made and actually use it? Yeah. I could buy the fabric and never make it instead. Perfect!

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