Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Finally - Farm Girl Friday!

On a trip to Tractor Supply, I overheard an interesting conversation. It was during their Chick Days event. Nothing like the peeps of baby chicks! One of the tubs had clearance chicks for just a dollar. I thought nothing of it. However, one of the customers was quite puzzled by it. We'll call him Farmer Joe.

Farmer Joe was looking in the clearance tub with quite a puzzled look on his face. He kept looking and looking. Finally, he took of his hat and scratched his head. He said to the clerk, "What's wrong with 'em?" Now, she had the same look on her face. He further explained, "What's wrong with 'em, they're on clearance."

With a very slight giggle, trying not to be rude, she said, "Oh, they are getting older and their wings are coming in. We don't want them flying around the store."

Farmer Joe looked quite relieved and replied, "Oh good. I'll take six."

He kept looking in the tub as if he was going to find one with an extra head or extra legs. Maybe he had been tricked by a bargin in the past.

My blocks (on my ├╝ber fancy design floor):

I have to finish my chick, she has no legs yet. She must be one of those bargin chicks! I'm also going to tear that block apart and fix the bottom of the chest since it doesn't match up well. I had a bit of operator error with my machine. Apparently, you shouldn't try to sew on a line with the needle is not in the center position ! I've done that one too many times now.

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  1. Poor little clearance chicks. :(
    Pretty blocks!
    *Found via the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Hop*