Thursday, November 5, 2015

Double Throwback Thursday:)

This is my Throwback Thursday post from July that I never posted. Therefore, this is a throwback to July of a throwback to......well you get the idea. Double throwback :) It seems appropriate to post now since I am just getting around to thinking about Christmas sewing.

Back in July:

I haven't been sewing much since it summer. Once the kiddies are out of school, I have no schedule or routine at all. This year, I have been quite consumed to even think about sewing. My plan was to use July for sewing Christmas gifts! Ha! Perhaps at least plugging in the sewing machine would help. Or maybe not sitting for literally days on end at the Honda dealer would help also. The best part? I told them what was wrong with my car and how to fix it. They did not listen to me and finally came up with MY solution. Anyways, it is fixed now. Moving on.......not dwelling on that.

So, since my sew-jo (sewing mojo) is on hiatus for the time being, I though maybe visiting a few finished projects would be fun. These were supposed to be Christmas gifts. However, that whole "sewing in July" thing didn't happen that year either. I didn't start until September. Are you noticing a theme?

My good friend Brownie pointed out that we were running out of time for a Christmas deadline. I was so crushed. Once I was done sobbing over the fact that I was a complete failure we moved our deadline to Valentine's Day, which was actually a really good idea. If we gave the quilts for Christmas, they would have just ended up lost in the piles of presents. This way, they were the spotlight gift.

I let the girls choose their own fabrics for these. I used Crazy Mom's zig zag quilt pattern. Here . Funny, I buy so many patterns and then use a free one! I had fun making the backs of these too.

This next one I made for my husband (Sweet Jane French Window Panes) here. I should have made it larger for him so he stops stealing my quilt. My quilt is pink and he doesn't even care. Really? Maybe he secretly likes pink.....maybe it is just the whole colorblind thing. Maybe it's because he is a a dork. Yes, that must be it. Yes, he reads my blog too. I better start running, I'm going to be in trouble. Perhaps I should mention that he bought me my Bernina as an anniversary gift. Best present ever! Yes, he's a keeper. He bought me my longarm too. The ladies at the quilt shop point and say "that's him". True story. It is so funny.

I'd love to know when you do your Christmas sewing, one of these years I will be organized!