Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Toss it on the Floor Tuesday!!!

Welcome to another Toss it on the Floor Tuesday. Ok, so it was ALMOST turned into Toss it out the Window Wednesday..... Why you ask? Well, I revisited an old project. Apparently, there is this thing called a pattern and it has directions. You really need to READ the directions and not make up your own from the pictures. Somehow, I thought that I needed this brown fabric for the inner border. Now keep in mind, this is a quilt kit.

I didn't have enough fabric. Oh goodness, what to do??? Well, I did what any wise quilter would do. I frantically tore apart my fabric closets. Yes, that's closets with an s. Don't ask. There must be another piece of that brown fabric somewhere! Nope. Ok. At this point, my heart is racing and my breathing, well you get the picture. Deep breath. What to do, what to do. I must have something that goes with this. Nothing. I know, an emergency trip to the quilt shop!!! Oh, wait. The school bus will be here in an hour and it is a 45 minute drive each way. Sigh.

Wait. What is this? Well that is interesting. Do you see that striped fabric? I certainly don't need that much for binding. Maybe I could use it for the inner border. I wonder if there is enough.....oh, there is!!! There is!!! This is a miracle! Ok. Another deep breath, press the fabric, grab the directions. How many strips did I need again? Umm........cut the strips for the inner border from the STRIPED fabric? Seriously? It actually says use the STRIPED FABRIC in the directions. Oh. In my defense, the fabric looked brown in the picture. Kinda. Gee, I just got a postcard that I am due for my eye exam.....
Anyways, how about some pictures. Imagine that, my sweet assistant is here to help.
Oh yes, much better. Thanks, but I can still see you.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sew Fabulous Hive Blog Hop

Welcome to Sewing Time with Brownie! My name is Johanna, it rhymes with banana....too many people pronounce my name differently. It is easier to go by Jo, but there is already a Jo Morton in the quilting world. I can purchase fabric with my "name" on the selvage. Pretty cool, huh?

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-DOqS3mgEE2M/VX2nT921sOI/AAAAAAAAAL8/gD5rW4KATSg/s640/DSC_0699.JPGYou may not have met my friend Brownie yet. Brownie is my daughter's stuffed seal that hangs out with me during the day and sews. When my daughter started preschool, she thought of any and every excuse why she couldn't go. One day, she said she couldn't go because Brownie would miss her and be bored. I let Brownie hang out with me and sew that day. I had no idea that it would turn into a regular thing. I certainly did not know that we would have to "report in" about our adventures to my daughter. It was actually quite motivating; we would be in big trouble if we had nothing to show for the day! Brownie doesn't hang around with me as much lately, she's getting a little older. She still pops in from time to time though.

You'll have to excuse Brownie. She heard that we would have visitors today and sometimes she can be a little shy. What's that Brownie? No, they know you are not a brownie. No, they don't want to eat you. My daughter has a sock monkey that teases Brownie all the time and tries to eat her. "Yum, brownies!"

Brownie's picture is the profile too. She is sporting her pin cup party hat. Those little Dixie cups come in handy for pins and of course, for M&Ms too. I've learned not to mix up the cups though. Yikes!

Would you like to see a few of the quilts I've made? Of course you do!



One thing that I've learned about blogging so far, besides the fact that I am not a photographer (but my oldest daughter is, thanks J), is to write down ideas for posts as they pop into your head. I have a few posts/ideas saved as drafts in Blogger. If I don't get my ideas logged, they end up lost somewhere in my head. It reminds me of going to the grocery store without a list, you know how that goes!

My favorite thing that I've learned with quilting is to press seams open instead of to one side. I love how flat it lays.

Some fun things you may or may not WANT to know about:

I love cutting up fresh veggies. It clears my mind and as a bonus, it's healthy.

I'm a weather geek. I absolutely love blizzards and of course thundersnow :)

I actually have a favorite book, and I am not a reader. I loved Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Book Store.

I'm not a big movie fan, does Rudolph count? I am a huge Rudolph fan. Is it Hermie or Herbie? Don't get me going on that!

I'd love to know what type of music you listen to while you sew. Perhaps you listen to audio books? I actually enjoy rap and hip hop, especially old school. Anyone that know me thinks this is quite hysterical since my personality doesn't match this at all! They have even quizzed me about songs and artists just to make sure!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you again! Please visit the other bloggers in my hive!


Week 1 - June 15th