Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Best. Day. Ever!

Did you ever have a product that you love but no matter what you do, it is nowhere to be found? Once upon a time, I had a mint chocolate chip brownie recipe that I loved. However, the chips are now impossible to find. No, not those green chips. These are mint flavored chocolate chips. Apparently, they only sell them seasonally now. Really? Why? I'm guessing they don't sell well enough year round. Of course, seasonally is only good IF a retailer wants to sell them. What happened to the local markets that would carry a product just because you asked. Ahh....the good old days. I miss those days.

Anyways, I was a bit annoyed this morning since I needed to go to the grocery store AGAIN. My family, according to way I see it at least, loves to plot against me. They seem to tell me what we need at the store after I go. Yes, I give them fair warning of my joyous trip. This week was no different. Oh gee, you just went to the store? Well, we need orange juice! If you listen closely, you can hear them snickering. I'm pretty sure they have secret meetings and plan to do this. I will find their playbook someday and sabotage it *evil laugh*

Where was I? Oh yes, the trip to the store. Ok, so I was scuffing around the store and grumbling with my "I don't want to be here face" on. Luckily, someone else that didn't want to be there either pushed their cart in front of mine causing me to stop abruptly. Grrrr.....Wait a second. What is this? All of a sudden there are rainbows, unicorns and chirping birds. No? A little to far fetched you say? But wait, in front of me is a display of these "seasonal" chips. Why what is this? Mint chocolate chips? Two. Bags. Left. Yes, I took both of them. Ha! Only took ten years to find them! Seriously. I'm not exaggerating. I would never do that. It isn't like my middle name is sarcasm or anything. Ha!

After I arrived home with my treasure and tossed the rest of the groceries into the fridge and cabinets, I searched for my recipe. It was missing. Oh. The company that had the recipe no longer makes the chips either. No product = no recipe. Luckily, Hershey had a recipe. Score! So, I grabbed the rest of the ingredients I needed out of the cabinet. What? The flour expired? I need to go back to the store because I, of all people didn't get what I needed at the store? Oh. Oops. This must be in their playbook. It certainly isn't my fault. Right? How incredibly clever of them. Evil geniuses.

Sigh. Back to the store I went. I skipped the whole way home. There is nothing like a brownie made from scratch. Delicious! Yes, I politely shared the brownies with rest of the family. I hope it made their day. It certainly made mine. Ok, not the best photo. I'm still new at this blogging thing so I never thought to take a decent photo. This was a quick iPad picture sent to my husband on his phone. I have to make sure he comes home, right?

I'm off to seach for and hoard a few more bags of those chips. They have to last until next year!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back to School!

Greetings! Contrary to popular belief I did not fall off a cliff....even though I look and feel like I did. I am still here and my sewing machine is not even plugged in. I think it has been that way since June. It was a quick summer partially because of the numerous snow days in the winter.

Ah.....back to school kiddies. It seems like a great idea sending the kids back to school. Doesn't it? Then reality strikes. I've been stumbling around in a sleep deprived coma for the last week. Is it really necessary for a school bus to pick up kids at 6:30 in the morning? I hardly think so. Mr. Skunk wasn't too pleased either. He was still out from the night before, obviously partying. Perhaps his little skunklets went back to school too. Yes Brownie, I know that baby skunks are called kits not skunklets. I prefer skunklets. We went through a skunk phase here. Everyone and everthing has been sprayed by these guys. Even the guitar teacher, he was a good sport about it. I think.

Ok, so my "photographer" is obviously at school, I don't dare touch her camera since that would be a total disaster.

I'm off to find my sew-jo (sewing mojo). I know it has to be here somewhere, how far could it possibly go? I'm trying not to purchase any new fabric. Boo. However, I did find a loophole, imagine that? I was at the bookstore and needed a new calendar. When what to my wondering eyes did appear? Well, certainly not a miniature sleigh with eight tiny reindeer! We are not ready for that yet! I found a Kate Spain calendar. Big loophole! It is fabric goodness in paper form. Ha. Didn't break the "no fabric buying rule".

Hopefully next time I post there will be some sewing progress to show. Wish me luck!