Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Welcome :)

Welcome to my blog. Who is Brownie and why do you sew with her? No, it isn't sewing time with Brownies, although that does sound quite tasty! Well, it all started a few years back with a reluctant child that did not want to go off to preschool. One of her favorite excuses was that Brownie, her seal would be lonely and miss her. Oh, and have NOTHING to do. Of course, that was not going to happen! So, I had to keep Brownie busy during the day, oh darn! One of Brownie's favorite things to do during the day was sew. Thank goodness Brownie didn't like cleaning because..... well that would just be lame. Lots of times, there were silly photos sent to my daughter from our "sewing adventures". It was actually quite motivating since I did not want my little girl disappointed. My daughter happily went off to school, and I happily got to sew. So, thank you Brownie, you have been quite the sewing buddy!

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