Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Toss it on the Floor Tuesday!!!

Welcome to another Toss it on the Floor Tuesday. Ok, so it was ALMOST turned into Toss it out the Window Wednesday..... Why you ask? Well, I revisited an old project. Apparently, there is this thing called a pattern and it has directions. You really need to READ the directions and not make up your own from the pictures. Somehow, I thought that I needed this brown fabric for the inner border. Now keep in mind, this is a quilt kit.

I didn't have enough fabric. Oh goodness, what to do??? Well, I did what any wise quilter would do. I frantically tore apart my fabric closets. Yes, that's closets with an s. Don't ask. There must be another piece of that brown fabric somewhere! Nope. Ok. At this point, my heart is racing and my breathing, well you get the picture. Deep breath. What to do, what to do. I must have something that goes with this. Nothing. I know, an emergency trip to the quilt shop!!! Oh, wait. The school bus will be here in an hour and it is a 45 minute drive each way. Sigh.

Wait. What is this? Well that is interesting. Do you see that striped fabric? I certainly don't need that much for binding. Maybe I could use it for the inner border. I wonder if there is enough.....oh, there is!!! There is!!! This is a miracle! Ok. Another deep breath, press the fabric, grab the directions. How many strips did I need again? Umm........cut the strips for the inner border from the STRIPED fabric? Seriously? It actually says use the STRIPED FABRIC in the directions. Oh. In my defense, the fabric looked brown in the picture. Kinda. Gee, I just got a postcard that I am due for my eye exam.....
Anyways, how about some pictures. Imagine that, my sweet assistant is here to help.
Oh yes, much better. Thanks, but I can still see you.


  1. I would have thought to use the brown from the picture too :) See, you don't need to rush off to the optometrist!

  2. It totally looks brown in the picture! It's looking great!

    How very considerate of your cat to help!

  3. I always get a chuckle from your posts Johanna, thanks!

  4. Hahaha!! you know that happens to us all ;0
    I love your quilt and your sweet assistant. She is purrfect :) XX!

  5. Ohhh...I hate that panicked feeling of not having enough of what you need and then your stash lets you down. But I have to say...nice save! I like it. And seeing all of our cats and their fascination with quilting makes me ask...do cats come back to life as quilters or do quilters come back as cats? :)