Sunday, October 18, 2015

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Ok, so here is my take on football. I'm on to you men folk, I finally "get" football. How long did you think we would fall for this scam? Football is on television so men have an excuse to be couch potatoes and eat. Pretty brilliant, isn't it? Of course, sometimes the game is to boring too watch. Yes, they have that covered too. Nap time!

So, I have taken up watching the games also. It is a win win from what I can see. Gee, I 'd like to (insert whatever it is you don't want to do but were asked to) but the game is on. Interesting. Men folk are quite smart. Who would have known?

If you need me, I'll be on the couch sewing binding and watching a game or two. Actually, all joking aside, I do love sports. I don't live my life around the games, but I do enjoy them. Besides, it is always nice to have an excuse why you can't do something.

Hopefully I will be posting a finish soon. It is getting close!


  1. We binge watch Netflix at my house for the same reason :)

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